Decriminalization and the role of the ANTAI in video

March 20, 2017

FPS works and how ANTAI intervenes in the context of the decentralization of paid on-street parking .

The National Agency for the Automated Processing of Offenses (ANTAI) has published a video which presents in 1 min 49 s the processing chain of a notice of post-parking package (FPS) .

 It starts with the observation that motivates the issuance of an FPS by a sworn agent, to end with the forced recovery phase in the event of unpaid after 3 months. But above all, the video shows local authorities how to use the services of ANTAI, specifying the nature of the procedures and the timetable.

Link to video


 For the record, the law gave ANTAI the monopoly of sending FPS by post to the domicile of taxpayers. Thus, the use of ANTAI services by local authorities is:

  • Optional during the amicable phase, that is to say during the 3 months following the issue of the FPS, period left to the taxpayer to spontaneously pay the amount due.
    • If the payment notice is placed on the windshield of the article R311-1 du Code de la route ; soit essentiellement les poids lourds (camions et autocars), les voitures et camionnettes (véhicules personnels et véhicules utilitaires) et les deux-roues (deux-roues motorisés et vélos).">vehicle , the person liable pays the amount of the FPS by following the instructions on the payment notice. The community can operate this service itself or entrust it to a service provider.
    • Otherwise, the community signs an agreement with ANTAI so that it or its service provider sends it the data necessary for the FPS to be sent by post.
  • Compulsory for forced recovery : only ANTAI can issue the enforcement order. The FPS is then increased by €50.
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