Participation of Sareco in the Transports Publics 2014 exhibition

June 4, 2014

Sareco took part in the round table " Parking : what contributions from operators?" at the Transports Publics 2014 exhibition.

Wednesday June 11, 2014, Éric GANTELET intervened as moderator of the debates on the importance of parking in the context of mobility policies. We obviously talked about the decentralization of parking adopted by Parliament at the end of 2013, and the role that parking and transport operators could play in this context.


Participated in this round table:

  • Frédéric BAVEREZ, Director of UTP, Chairman and CEO of EFFIA,
  • Serge CLEMENTE, CEO of Vinci Park,
  • Nick LESTER, President of the European Parking Association (EPA),
  • Louis NÈGRE, first vice-president of GART , senator-mayor of Cagnes-Sur-Mer,
  • Patrick PIRODON, President of the National Federation of Parking Trades (FNMS).


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