Sareco realizes the Brussels Regional Parking Policy Plan

January 25, 2013

Parking Policy Plan has been approved by the Brussels Government.

The Brussels-Capital Region is now submitting it to a public inquiry, from 21 January to 21 March 2013.

This project was managed by sareco within the framework of a joint mission with the STRATEC which had, on the other hand, carried out most of the diagnosis.

Poster of the Regional Parking Policy PlanThe mission was both very technical and very political, often with very opposing points of view. But Brussels Mobility has been able to maintain a spirit of constructive conciliation, even if it means granting itself additional time so that all the players can express themselves. All modes (from trucks to bicycles via cars) and all uses (local residents/residents, commuters/ commuters , visitors, deliveries, school buses, etc.) have been explored. Submitted by sareco at the end of 2011 to Brussels Mobility (the administration of the Brussels-Capital Region in charge of equipment, infrastructure and travel) the project matured in 2012.

It goes without saying that the compromises reached within the working groups had to be confirmed on a larger scale. The Government and elected officials have taken up the file to analyze it in detail and make their contributions.

 Several relevant additions have been made to better introduce certain themes or add details. For example, specific derogations have been the subject of debates from which many additions have emerged, taking into consideration a maximum number of specific cases. Sometimes, some overly innovative advances have been toned down or postponed.

In short, the representatives of the various bodies concerned in the Region have appropriated the document which has truly become theirs.

Sareco is proud to have been able to carry out this delicate but very fine mission and wishes that all Brussels residents can benefit from a better general organization of parking for the good of the greatest number.

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