The ALVEOLE program

January 20, 2017

Sareco advises lessors for parking ... bicycles too.

The French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB) organized a presentation of the ALVÉOLE program on January 18, 2017 to around twenty social landlords.

Thierry Delvaux participated on behalf of Sareco to recall the technical recommendations to follow so that a premises becomes a functional and ergonomic bicycle garage, so that residents no longer hesitate to use their bicycles on a daily basis. sareco's support for this program is voluntary.


But what is the ALVÉOLE program?

To fully understand, we must go back to the story from the creation of energy savings certificates (EEC) : since 2005, the public authorities have imposed on energy sellers called "obligated" (electricity, gas, LPG , heat and cold, heating oil and automobile fuels) to achieve energy savings, in exchange for ESCs. These certificates are obtained:

  • as a result of actions taken on their own by the obligors, 
  • by purchasing ESCs from other players who have carried out energy saving operations,
  • or through financial contributions to support programs.

The unit of measurement for Energy Savings Certificates is the kWh of final energy accumulated and updated over the lifetime of the product (kWh of final energy cumac). This represents a quantity of energy that will have been saved thanks to the energy saving operations implemented.

In our case, the Alvéole program is part of the “fuel poverty” CEE. As such, social landlords who build or develop secure spaces for parking bicycles receive 1 MWh cumac from CEE for €8 spent. The lessors will then resell these CEEs to the obligated parties, at a rate of approximately €5/MWh cumac (depending on the market price). This therefore corresponds to a form of subsidy of around 60% .

However, for this, the donors must respect the conditions of the program and the specifications of the FUB. The conditions to be met relate to associated measures such as support for households by an association with a cycle school for adults. The specifications are mainly aimed at the quality of the garage. It's about giving residents real ways to save energy , in particular by using the car less.

Notice to amateurs but beware: the ALVÉOLE program ends on December 31, 2018.


During this information day, several speakers (FUB, specialized consulting companies, association of lessors, lessors, etc.) followed one another to present in particular:

  • the context of fuel poverty, its impacts and consequences on household mobility,
  • the operation of the program and the administrative procedures for its implementation,
  • the quantitative and qualitative criteria to be integrated into the projects,
  • feedback on the three-year program for the development of bicycle rooms in a Parisian social park.

Finally, three concrete examples of candidate projects for the Alvéole program were presented by participants and then discussed in working groups in order to define the best means of bringing them to fruition.



To know more :

The Alvéole program, on the FUB website

Energy saving certificates, on the website of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea

The dimensions and characteristics of private bicycle parking spaces (the official guide of the Ministry), on the sareco website

Bicycle parking on the sareco site


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