Sareco's participation in the 58th study and training days for hospital engineers

February 25, 2018

Simon Guiot and Catherine Salvadori presented the parking in hospitals.

The symptoms are clear: dissatisfaction management difficulties but also lack of adaptability of the solutions in place following the internal reorganizations

the hospital's lack of attractiveness and efficiency . However, the origins of the problem are varied: quantitative imbalance between parking supply and demand, inappropriate access priorities, poorly designed management methods or obsolete technologies.

The presentation below evaluates various possible remedies

  • Are we acting on the supply and/or demand for parking?
  • If so, what pricing is in place?
  • Does it concern staff? What exemptions should be considered?
  • Who will operate the service and make the investments?
  • In the event of outsourcing, what methods of contracting are possible?


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