Support for innovation

Elected officials, developers and users of the city no longer have the same expectations vis-à-vis parking than when Sareco was created. It is by remaining attentive to the meaning of the questions asked by its customers that Sareco constantly offers future-oriented solutions.

Stay tuned and practice

It's about :
  • To monitor and evaluate innovative solutions that are under development or in the project phase.

    This watch is carried out by participating in working groups dedicated to this theme within the various organizations specializing in the field of mobility (ATEC ITS France, National Federation of Parking Trades, etc.), and regular meetings with specialized companies developing innovative solutions.

  • We also participate in the definition of evaluation and experimentation protocols in order to study the possibilities of concrete application of these solutions to our missions.

Pragmatism and long experience

Our ability to assess whether or not it is appropriate for a parking operator to develop certain innovative solutions is based on our extensive feedback, but also on our research work constantly carried out since the creation of the company.
We have thus multiplied the research themes, in particular behavioral ones, based on experiments in the real world:
  • user reaction to tariff changes,
  • acceptability of walking distances from the parking place,
  • experimentation with collection agents,
  • etc
We have also conducted in-depth studies on the challenges of tomorrow, such as:
  • the influence of parking policies on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,
  • the link between the choice of place of residence and the parking conditions,
  • the organization of deliveries in town,
  • etc
These numerous experiences have forged a culture on the credibility of the application of solutions to a territory.

Top themes to watch

We are particularly attentive to several themes with strong stakes:
  • data management and open data, in relation to regulatory obligations and user services (Sareco participates in the development of standards in this area);
  • shared mobility: the role of parking for car sharing and carpooling , shared parking (providing a private space to an identified user);
  • the usefulness of smart cities technologies to improve the operation of private or public parking;
  • electromobility : the development of the electric car and its impact on parking needs (locations, durations, space equipment, etc.) .
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