Training and participatory workshops

Since its origin, Sareco has been sharing its knowledge and enriching itself by listening to others. She has always led university and professional training, made public educational presentations, and continued by investing in the field of participatory workshops.

The design of parking , and their acceptability, requires training and communication efforts.

Our engineers disseminate the experience acquired by delivering training:
  • theoretical, in initial or continuing training: CNFPT, National School of Bridges and Roads, National School of State Public Works, Political Science, University of Créteil, etc.
  • practices, on site: surveys, study methodology, observatories, parking control, etc.

Training for technical services and elected officials

Sareco regularly organizes training on the issue of parking, either in the form of seminars or in the form of courses.

It can choose to intervene on technical subjects or to raise the awareness of the various players on certain subjects. It regularly conducts training on the theme of shared parking.

It also trains technical services engineers on issues relating to parking management as well as the realization and operation of parking surveys.

Participatory workshops and public meetings

As part of its studies, Sareco frequently participates in the organization and animation of public meetings, allowing to present the results of expertise and to compare them with the feelings of residents and users.

Discussing the dysfunctions and possible solutions to put in place often allows a better acceptability of the measures envisaged, a prevention of possible dissatisfaction. In a more participatory approach, Sareco also runs workshops in the form of round tables by theme (parking for residents, shopkeepers, customers, etc.). This meeting format promotes a consensus around a shared diagnosis and the definition of prioritized measures.

Participatory workshop

Organization and animation of a public meeting with traders

Bellegarde-sur-Valserine parking policy

Participatory workshops

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