Off-street parking

Car parks are tools that should be managed as well as possible by combining urban, heritage, economic and mobility issues.

Three quarters of off-street spaces

Roads are the most visible component of parking but represent only a small part of the overall offer. Thus, outdoor spaces only represent approximately a quarter of the spaces in the old districts, and even less in the recent districts. It is therefore important to take into consideration the presence of off-road supply, ie on-site.
Sareco assists project owners:
  • on all issues: sizing of car parks, technical feasibility of works, development of a business plan, legal arrangements, operating audit, assistance in choosing the operator, pricing policy;
  • on all types of parking: private or public parking, ground, silo or underground parking, shared parking within the framework of urban projects, etc.

Photovoltaic shades at Saint-Exupéry airport

Audit of the Gare du Nord car park

parking market study and demand and revenue forecasts

Off-road parking Ile-de-France

Contractual audit of La Défense car parks

Technical commercial audit of the operating contract and assistance in the legal definition of the future contract

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