Data collection and analysis

An accurate and impartial diagnosis is a prerequisite for the design of effective solutions; but when these upset our habits too much, it is tempting to question it. Its acceptance requires that it be supported by objective and relevant data.

While the sources of information are more and more numerous, and the expectations of the various parking stakeholders in terms of arguments are ever stronger, the collection and processing of data have become a major issue in parking studies.

The topics of parking relate to different parameters:
  • time to find a place
  • the occupancy rate of places on the road
  • the rate of use of each car park
  • distribution by user category: residents, commuters , visitors
  • ...
Sareco collects parameters through:
  • expert diagnosis
  • the collection of existing data: parking lot attendance, monitoring statistics, etc.
  • vehicle turnover survey, interviews with residents, interview with travelers in the station, etc.
  • parking observatory
The processing and synthesis of the data collected are essential for a good diffusion information to stakeholders:
  • objectification of the situation;
  • highlighting of the main dysfunctions (road saturation, lack of vehicle rotation
  • putting the results into perspective in relation to target situations (regulated area with good turnover, residential area, etc.) or to values ​​observed within comparable territories (municipality of the same size, municipality having implemented similar regulations, etc.).
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