The numerous paradoxes encountered in the field of parking explain the need to carry out rigorous studies to design rennes solutions.

A global look is needed.

Parking studies is the fine art of dealing with an incredible variety of subjects. Let us cite, as an example, the studies for:
  • quantify and design parking for a real estate project,
  • regulate on-street parking in a district,
  • think about the future of an existing car park,
  • estimate the economic balances (costs / revenues),
  • define the strategy for deploying charging stations for electric vehicles,
  • anticipating bicycle parking needs,
  • organize the management of tourist coaches,
  • write parking in the local urban plans ( PLU ),
  • schedule the reception of motorhomes, delivery areas, carpool , residential parking , parking for tourist sites, the feasibility of a parking project, etc., etc.
But to properly deal with each of these subjects taken individually, it is necessary to take a look that encompasses both the surroundings of the project, the intentions of the communities concerned, the repercussions of a choice on other modes of transport, the consequences for all categories of users…

Thanks to its comprehensive knowledge of parking issues, Sareco is able to provide a comprehensive response to the contracting authority requesting its services.

Sareco is a source of proposals, both attentive to innovative solutions and the sustainability of the solutions offered. In terms of methodology, Sareco masters and carries out the entire study production chain, with, as needed:
  • data acquisition (field surveys or database analysis)
  • expert visits
  • work in close dialogue with the departments and partners of the contracting authority
  • exchanges with elected officials
  • diagnosis, recommendations, scenarios, costing, etc.
  • consultation workshop
  • public meeting presentation
  • monitoring of implementations
  • evaluation of the results obtained.
On-street parking Argenteuil

Definition of the city's parking policy

Support in setting up paid parking

Bellegarde-sur-Valserine parking policy

Development of the parking plan

Identification of needs, definition of issues and proposals for changing the parking policy

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