Feasibility and programming of car parks

Faced with the idea of ​​creating a car park, Sareco clarifies the appropriateness of the project, sizes it, establishes the conditions for its success, then specifies its characteristics and mode of operation.

The study of car parks will be very different depending on their location, their vocation, their architectural form, their client...

Downtown public park, residential park , relay park, ground park, silo park, underground park, private park, public park, private park open to the public, etc.

But in any case, certain questions come up regularly: how many places? for what kind of customers? what is the construction cost? what economic balance in 20 or 30 years? what kind of management? what about two-wheelers? how to improve performance (quality of service, finance, environment, etc.)? what will happen at the end of the contract? Sareco is used to answering all these questions and many more.
We are able to assist you in carrying out:

Opportunity studies

  • economic feasibility of the operation: study of the urban fabric around the project, analysis of parking revenues (public roads, competing car parks), studies of the equipment to be carried out in the superstructure, forecast estimate of revenues, definition of a program of measures to 'accompaniement ;
  • pre-marketing survey for the sale or rental of parking spaces;
  • development of the legal and financial package;
  • definition of the operating scheme;
  • and for local authorities, evaluation of the project's contribution to mobility objectives, and comparison with alternative solutions.

Technical studies

  • technical feasibility of an operation: definition of the footprint of the structure, location of access points, integration of exit flows into the surrounding road network, first estimate of the cost price of the operation;
  • organization: development of operating diagrams
  • management: forecast of construction and operating costs, management audit of a fleet in operation, centralization, staking , video protection;
  • integration into the environment: urban integration, neighborhood traffic plan, impact on the operation of intersections, pedestrian paths, usefulness of the structure for the neighborhood, nuisances;
  • technical audit: identification of necessary upgrades, quality audit, costing of renovation work, etc.

Studies relating to toll control

  • definition of the functionalities of toll control systems;
  • drafting of specifications;
  • assistance in the operation and management of parking facilities.

Car parks at the ZAC TGV station

Sizing of the parking lot and organization of the works

Comprehensive parking policy in the eco-district

Programming of parking pooling at the scale of the eco-district

Paris-Saclay campus parking strategy

Opportunity, location and programming of 10 shared car parks

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