Parking advice

A high level of expertise is required

Sharing accumulated experience

Although most motorists claim to be fine connoisseurs of parking problems, experience shows that common sense is easily misled in this area and that certain results are counterintuitive.

This results, for example, in many paradoxical situations such as almost empty free car parks or paid parking structures which are financial pitfalls, without this solving the difficulties of on-street parking. For its part, Sareco has reached a high level of expertise thanks to its desire to seek excellence in its specialty, its investment in all parking-related topics, and its know-how consolidated by hundreds of studies.

Thus, Sareco is able to carry out high-level consulting missions, at all geographical scales and on all subjects related to parking.
Our experts will know how to contextualize the question asked, i.e. in particular:
  • place it in its urban and mobility context,
  • understand its dynamics,
  • carry out an analogical approach (benchmark),
  • shed light on it from various angles such as economic profitability, environmental impact, the level of service provided to the user, the lifespan of the project, etc.
  • or even quickly identify the technical, economic, societal or legal points of vigilance of a project.
Consulting assignments can take the form of:
  • a one-off intervention to correctly pose a problem and define the actions that will respond to it;
  • or, on the contrary, long-term support, combining coaching and a series of one-off studies.
Sareco has carried out numerous missions aimed at designing strategic orientations on behalf of a wide variety of actors: cities, metropolises, developers/developers, State services, Operations of National Interest (OIN) ... in France and abroad.
Parking policy Brussels

Regional parking plan

parking policy plan for the Brussels-Capital Region

Definition of the parking strategy

Overall parking strategy at municipal level

Specific centers - Social housing Asnières-sur-Seine

ANRU Hauts d'Asnières Project

Spatial organization of parking needs over time

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