Specific poles

Specific challenges are attached to certain types of parking generators : social housing, hospitals, shopping centres, tourism and leisure, stadiums, congress centres, etc.

These poles, which have their own parking characteristics, deserve specific attention and treatment.

Sareco has been studying the operation of all parking generators for several decades.

In particular, it carries out surveys and benchmarks on a regular basis, which enable it to better understand the behavior of users and the expectations of the various players on specific themes of a district. 

In this respect, hospitals, station centres, social districts and shopping centers have been very regularly at the heart of studies carried out by Sareco in recent years. 

Stadium or convention center type facilities have a low overall utilization rate but generate significant one-off demands.

Seaside resort, ski resort, places of art or history, places of scientific discoveries… the tourist sites are protean but present common problems in terms of parking.

Parking is a major issue for shopping centers because they have a large catchment area. In addition, for the centers on the outskirts of the city or for bulky or heavy purchases (weekly shopping, for example), customers come mainly by car.

The evolution of hospital practices tends to densify hospital sites, often to the detriment of surface car parks, which requires a global approach to travel in order to correctly estimate parking needs over time.

Sareco very regularly carries out missions on parking and travel in social neighborhoods, in particular within the framework of the National Urban Renovation Plans (PNRU).

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