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Here are some examples of questions that Sareco can answer:

Can the choice of modes of transport be guided by actions on parking ?

Local authorities want to distribute the use of common resources as well as possible.

Among them, public space, air quality and sound intensity are at the forefront of public concerns. However, all of them are partly linked to the use of the car in the city. The ease of parking near the place of destination is a powerful incentive for car use.

The management of the "parking" resource therefore constitutes an effective means of regulating the modes of transport used. Intermodality

Shared mobility

Is the parking policy in my city center appropriate?

Behind this question lies another question: "What city do I want in terms of public spaces, air quality, economic life?"

The definition given will result in the means of parking management: number of places, location of these places, regulations (including pricing), means of surveillance, etc.

Parking policies

Data collection and analysis

How to ensure the validity of user requests concerning parking?

Sareco always proposes to analyze the requests of parking users according to the category to which they belong: residents, visitors, commuters , traders, etc.

Given the comfort offered by on-street parking, it is often used as a priority by certain categories. users, to the detriment of those who really need it.

As a result, public or private car parks are only used in the event of road stature. Cities are also combining a reduction in the place given to parking in public space with an increasing specialization in its use.

Many parking spaces are thus dedicated to specific categories of vehicles: deliveries, motorized two-wheelers, spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility, cash couriers, etc. Similarly, the emergence of car-sharing frees the user parking constraints, but often transfers them to the community, which must provide them with the appropriate spaces.
Taking into account all specific requests is therefore one of the keys to a successful parking policy.
This will involve: • Bringing together increasingly complex needs and sometimes contradictory requirements in a space that is becoming scarcer,
• Supporting changes in mobility practices.

Also the requests of each category must be analyzed according to the context of the district and the choices of the communities.

Sareco will be able to assist the contracting authority in the objective analysis of the state of the parking lot and in the prioritization of requests. Parking policies

On-street parking

Shared mobility

Charging stations

Is on-street parking monitoring effective?

The rates of compliance with paid on-street parking can be very different from one city to another.

In comparison, the human and technical resources put in place can also vary in large proportions. However, the link between the means implemented and the results obtained is not easily readable. Finally, major errors can be made: thus vehicles in stopping can be both more occasional and more economically useful than those in paid parking if the latter are parked for too long.

Sareco can help you better understand the situation by comparing your city's ratios (compliance rate, number of ASVPs / number of regulated places, annual revenue at the place, number of FPS issued...) with similar cities, and advise you on useful measures to improve the proper functioning of on-street parking.

On-street parking

Data collection

Assistance with contracting

Should I delegate parking management and how do I go about it?

The outsourcing of parking management is of particular importance, because of the abandonment of prerogatives that it implies, the financial stakes attached to it, the durations involved, etc. Sareco can assist Project Owners in choosing the appropriate set-up: direct management concession , service contract, constitution of a dedicated structure. The possibilities are numerous and we can enlighten our clients on their respective advantages and disadvantages from a legal, technical and financial point of view.

Once the framework has been defined, we are able to translate the Project Owner's ambitions into specifications in one or more specifications and support them, if necessary, in the phases of analysis of offers and negotiations with operators. parking.

Assistance with contracting

Parking policies

On-street parking

Off-street parking

How should parking be organized in my ZAC project?

Should I impose the construction of private parking spaces under each building? Or rather shared silo car parks? How much and what size? Do I have to respect the standards of the municipality's PLU How to provide places for visitors? PRMs? Electric charging? the deliveries ? Car sharing ? A mobility center ?

How to manage the increase in load and the uncertainties? Should I consider temporary parking spaces? Sareco, thanks to its knowledge of parking practices and the assembly of complex urban projects, can help the contracting authority to optimize parking, size the necessary offer and negotiate with project stakeholders (developers, town hall, etc.)

Distribution attendance at a car park by type of customer, depending on the time of the week.

Source Sareco Brochure Urban projects

Development operations

Specific centers

On-site parking

Is my parking project viable, functional? How high will its operating costs be?

The viability of a car park project can be studied from different angles:
    • Commerciality: is it well placed? is it pleasant?
    • Is the planned number of places consistent with the expected demand?
    • Fitness for use: will drivers really be able to park their article R311-1 du Code de la route ; soit essentiellement les poids lourds (camions et autocars), les voitures et camionnettes (véhicules personnels et véhicules utilitaires) et les deux-roues (deux-roues motorisés et vélos).">vehicle easily? Are the entrances, exits, circulations legible? Are the pedestrian circulations secure?
    • The determinants of the construction cost: are the usual construction ratios respected?
    • Operating methods: public or private use? will we welcome users who pay by the hour?
    • Does the car park have other specificities to take into account (reception of specific vehicles, urban integration / ABF etc.)?
Thanks to its experience in supporting many construction projects and producing provisional operating balance sheets, Sareco can give the contracting authority a clear vision of the financial package and help him to determine a price list adapted.

Feasibility of parking lots

Assistance with contracting


On-site parking

Will my car park project find its customers?

A parking project is often triggered by an opportunity: a freehold, for example.

The catchment area of ​​the car park should be analyzed according to the liveliness of the surrounding district, the street structure and the competing parking supply (on-street and on-site). Sareco has extensive experience of different types of urban sites and revenue generation from car parks and can provide the contracting authority with a clear and justified analysis of the context and future use of the structure.

Feasibility of car parks

Assistance with contracting

On-site parking 

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