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You have not been able to follow the courses at the École supérieure du parking and you regret it. And for good reason ! This school does not yet exist. However :
  • you are a student or former student of an engineering school or a long university course;
  • you have perceived that parking will remain a major issue in regional planning in the future, which motivates you to make your contribution to the design of the city of tomorrow;
  • you like operational studies and have team spirit: field investigations, careful writing, clear oral presentations, participation in multidisciplinary work meetings...;
  • you feel that your thirst for learning will push you to acquire even more skills in areas such as mobility, town planning, economics, sociology, administrative and commercial law, construction techniques, communication, 'computer science... ;

So tell us about yourself, your story, your skills and your desires by sending an email to recruitment (at) .

... we will tell you about us.

Depending on the opportunities of the moment, we can offer you to participate in our common adventure.
We will then detail what our website has already partially revealed to you, for example how we carry out (and how you will carry out) various missions such as:
  • expertise,
  • research and benchmarks,
  • organizational studies on French cities or towns,
  • application studies on urban development operations,
  • Opportunity/feasibility studies...

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Study engineer - Lyon agency

Study engineer

Other team members

Project Manager

Study engineer

Study engineer
221 rue La Fayette
75010 Paris
T.: +33 (0)1 42 46 22 66
2 place Louis Pradel
69001 Lyon
T.: +33 (0)4 78 39 14 83
13 Rue Claude Chappe
35510 Cesson-Sévigné
T.: +33 (0)2 57 67 06 97
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