This practice consists of grouping together to drive in a single personal car.

If they are close, passengers can come on foot. They are then dropped off at their destination or at a train station or public transport station. Carpooling thus reduces the need for parking at the final destination or for intermodality .

On longer journeys, several motorists may converge at a meeting place to complete the road together in the same car.

Carpooling then generates parking needs in intermediate places, in particular at the entrances to major traffic arteries. In this case, carpooling car parks can be set up to organize and secure a practice that is expressed on the road sometimes in a somewhat invasive way. Or carpooling car parks are built on a voluntary basis, as part of a more global mobility approach, to encourage this practice. Finally, carpooling is part of the range of services that help reduce the number of cars owned by households. It thus contributes to a reduction in the need for parking at home. This can lead to shared parking and ultimately affect the requirements of local urban plans ( PLU ).

Sareco has experience in programming carpooling parking facilities at departmental or regional level, and in taking carpooling into account in park and ride facilities: quantification, technical organization, management methods, price, etc.

We thus help local authorities to define their policy in terms of promoting carpooling, in particular through dedicated car parks.

Content of the missions

We intervene: 
  • By clarifying current practices through field surveys,
  • By defining the most relevant places for setting up carpooling parks and sizing the necessary capacities,
  • By presenting the possible management methods and the support policies to be implemented.

As part of an objective to reduce individual car use, car sharing proves to be a relevant solution. Indeed, people use a shared car less spontaneously than their own car.

This practice consists of grouping together to drive in a single personal car.

The owner of a parking can rent it if he does not use it at all, but he can also share it just when he is away.

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