Shared parking

The owner of a parking space can rent it if he does not use it at all, but he can also share it just when he is away.

Mobile phone applications have been developed to facilitate matching between supply and demand. They allow individuals, landlords, hotels, companies, etc. to offer one or more parking spaces for periods ranging from a few hours to a few months. This greater commercial fluidity induces a better filling of parking spaces, which can have three consequences:
  • better access by car to the district concerned,
  • small increase in traffic, beyond the planners' forecasts, in relation to the number of parking spaces,
  • saving parking spaces, by delaying or making unnecessary the construction of additional parking spaces.
The development of this use benefits from the over-equipment generated by ENJOYED too demanding. It ultimately leads to a re-examination of the number of parking spaces required by them, by anticipating or even encouraging the pooling of parking.

Sareco perfectly masters all forms of sharing, pooling and expansion parking, which allows it to offer balances adapted to the needs of its customers in terms of urban planning and mobility.

Content of the missions

  • Identification of the actors present on the territory
  • Assistance in defining a strategy for integrating car parks shared in the parking process
  • Opportunity and feasibility study for the opening of private parking

As part of an objective to reduce individual car use, car sharing proves to be a relevant solution. Indeed, people use a shared car less spontaneously than their own car.

This practice consists of grouping together to drive in a single personal car.

The owner of a parking can rent it if he does not use it at all, but he can also share it just when he is away.

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