Glossary of parking and mobility


Certain definitions are taken from the methodological guide "Parking surveys" published by CEREMA (November 1997, republished in October 2000).
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Fixed-term contract (month, quarter, year), authorizing access to parking without booking a space.
For a reserved space, see: Location .
Category of users parking in a park of parking with controlled access, holders of a right of access with the guarantee of finding a non-reserved place. THE subscribers can be :
  • residents,
  • workers parked at their place of work,
  • assets in drawdown on a public transport station

For a reserved space, see: Tenant.
Contract by which a public body entrusts a private or public person (farmer) with the right to operate, at its own risk and peril, a work (execution of a public service) that it makes available to it, in return for a fee user fees paid by the farmer and deducted from farm receipts. See also: Concession .
Public road surveillance agent (ASVP)
Agent not belonging to the State control bodies, responsible in particular for noting offenses relating to the stopping and parking of vehicles. For this purpose, an ASVP must be approved by the Public Prosecutor and sworn.
Collecting agent
Agent permanently present in the field to collect on-street parking fees.
Note : Sareco completely redesigned this profession in 1998 during an experiment in DIJON supported by PREDIT . More details...
Delivery area
Area, usually located on the road, reserved for the delivery of goods. It may, in some municipalities, be open to rotating parking at certain times or to residential parking at night. Delivery areas can also be deployed in construction parks. See also ELU.
Parking area for motorhomes
It is then a car park, camping is not allowed there. Nevertheless, said car park is often equipped with terminals for the supply of water and electricity as well as a service area allowing in particular the emptying of waste water.
Pedestrian area
The pedestrian nature of these areas was reinforced in 2008. Parking is prohibited there, "with the exception of cycles on spaces provided for this purpose" (decree of December 16, 2010).
Transfer, against payment, the exclusive right to a concession until its expiry, and sometimes beyond, for a small part of the work (for example, a parking space). The beneficiary of a farm-out is called the lessee. The latter pays annually the share of the operating expenses corresponding to the leased site. The right of the lessee is transferable, subject to the contractual conditions.
FUB tests , U-shaped locks prove to be the most reliable for securing the parking of a bicycle . They allow both the frame and a wheel to be attached to a fixed point.
Fixed device for parking bicycles, allowing the stabilization and attachment of bicycles by the frame and one or two wheels. This type of furniture often comes in the form of a simple inverted U, inexpensive, efficient and safe.
“Temporary immobilization of a article R311-1 du Code de la route ; soit essentiellement les poids lourds (camions et autocars), les voitures et camionnettes (véhicules personnels et véhicules utilitaires) et les deux-roues (deux-roues motorisés et vélos).">vehicle on a road for the time necessary to allow people to board or alight, to load or unload the vehicle, the driver remaining at the controls of it or nearby to be able, if necessary , move it” (Highway Code, Art. R110-2).
Apart from these circumstances, it is about parking .
Minute stop
Space reserved for short periods of parking, generally for between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on local regulations. Note: The term "stop" should not be understood here in the legal sense but in the common sense, since parking is indeed authorized there (the driver can move away from his vehicle). See also Drop-off .
Official term for a motorhome .
Synonyms - Camping car
car sharing
Vehicle sharing system made available, by a private, public or associative operator, to individuals or groups of individuals who pay a right to use the vehicle with or without a subscription .
Note: The spelling " carsharing " without a hyphen was used by the legislative texts of 2012 which created the label. The spelling “car-sharing” has been found in laws since 2015.
Mobility Organizing Authority (AOM)
Public, municipal, departmental, inter-municipal or regional institution with the competence to organize travel and mobility policy in its area of ​​responsibility. It succeeds the Transport Organizing Authority (AOT), to include modes of travel other than public transport.
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