Glossary of parking and mobility


Certain definitions are taken from the methodological guide "Parking surveys" published by CEREMA (November 1997, republished in October 2000).
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Phenomenon according to which all the holders of a pass car park are not present simultaneously. proliferation coefficient " relating to a category of subscribers is equal to the ratio between the maximum value of the number of subscribers present simultaneously and the total number of subscribers. See also Exemple de complémentarité : les clients de commerces sont présents massivement le samedi, période où les employés de bureaux sont absents. Mais un parc peut être aussi exploité sur places numérotées réservées (essentiellement dans le cadre de locations). ">Trivialization .
Example: the expansion coefficient of the "office workers" category is frequently around 0.65.
Post-Parking Package (FPS)
fee to be paid for parking a article R311-1 du Code de la route ; soit essentiellement les poids lourds (camions et autocars), les voitures et camionnettes (véhicules personnels et véhicules utilitaires) et les deux-roues (deux-roues motorisés et vélos).">vehicle on the street when the fee corresponding to the entire parking period consumed has not been, or insufficiently, paid from the start of parking (called immediate payment ) . The FPS replaces criminal fines for paid parking violations since January 1 , 2018 ( decriminalization ). Its amount varies from one municipality to another, even from one district to another or from one category of user to another ( decentralization ).
Payment deductible
Duration during which the motorist can circulate and leave the park after paying for his parking. This duration varies according to the configuration of the car park.
Crossing allowance
Duration during which the motorist can circulate, or even park , in a car park and then exit without paying. This duration may differ depending on the parks. It can be defined, if necessary, within the framework of the public service delegation .
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