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The Exemple de complémentarité : les clients de commerces sont présents massivement le samedi, période où les employés de bureaux sont absents. Mais un parc peut être aussi exploité sur places numérotées réservées (essentiellement dans le cadre de locations). ">trivialization subscribed users a right of entry into a car , without specifying the parking space they must use: everyone takes the unoccupied space that is available to them. agrees. The essential advantage of this mode of operation is to allow a greater number of users to be accommodated, with equal capacity, by playing on the non-coincidence of peaks in parking demand: the spaces left free at a given moment by some can be occupied by others (phenomenon of expansion and complementarity).
Example of complementarity : retail customers are present in large numbers on Saturdays, when office workers are absent. But a park can also be operated on numbered reserved spaces (mainly in the context of rentals).
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