Glossary of parking and mobility


Certain definitions are taken from the methodological guide "Parking surveys" published by CEREMA (November 1997, republished in October 2000).
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Automatic license plate reading devices operate by image analysis. They can be used to facilitate and manage access to car parks ( fixed installations). They can also help with the control of paid parking (on the personal assistants of agents on foot, or in an on-board system in cars or even on scooters). On the other hand, they are not authorized in France for the exercise of the power of judicial police by the municipalities, in connection with the contraventions provided for in the highway code.
These notched parking lots in the sidewalk are so named because the first ones were made in a Lincoln in Paris.
Customer with a contract of lease giving it exclusive use of a parking space. For any location, see: Subscribers.
Tenants can be:
  • residents,
  • commuters parked at their place of work ,
  • commuters falling back on a public transport station.
Fixed-term contract (month, quarter, year), authorizing access to a structure with reserved space.
For any location, see: Subscription .
Tariff law

Principles of organization of tariffs applicable to a good or service. Example : the Exemple : la loi tarifaire peut fixer l’obligation contractuelle imposée à un délégataire de proposer aux résidents un tarif inférieur à celui qui est applicable aux non-résidents. Voir aussi Grille tarifaire.

">tariff law may establish the contractual obligation imposed on a delegate to offer residents a lower tariff than that applicable to non-residents. See also Fee Schedule .

Longitudinal (parking ~)
(or parallel parking) Organization of parking spaces parallel to the traffic lane. perpendicular and herringbone parking .
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