Glossary of parking and mobility


Certain definitions are taken from the methodological guide "Parking surveys" published by CEREMA (November 1997, republished in October 2000).
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Immediate payment of the fee
Payment of the fee for parking upon arrival of the article R311-1 du Code de la route ; soit essentiellement les poids lourds (camions et autocars), les voitures et camionnettes (véhicules personnels et véhicules utilitaires) et les deux-roues (deux-roues motorisés et vélos).">vehicle , for the planned duration of parking ( prepayment ). Opposes the FPS which is paid after parking.
Automated park
(or mechanical park ) Park designed so that the vehicle is dropped off, then picked up by its driver at the entrance. Movements inside are done without human intervention.
Park in elevation
(or silo) Parking lot with one or more floors above the ground.
Park in enclosure
Ground car park, with or without access control, paid or free, and whose limits are marked by a fence.
Park hourly
(or rotating car park) Car park intended in whole or in part for occasional customers, with short or medium-term parking needs and making a payment calculated according to the time the vehicle is present in the car park. Particularly opposed to: Residential stock .
Mechanical park Synonyms - Automated park
Shared park
Parking lot bringing together the complementary needs of several parking generators located in the same area. The parking needs of these generators can be partially met by their own private fleet. (cf. Programmed pooling )
Private car park
Parking lot assigned exclusively to a generator or group of generators (shopping centre, hotel, leisure centre, etc.).
Public car park
Space with controlled access intended for parking, not assigned exclusively to a specific generator and always welcoming visitors and often subscribers . See also: Commercial garage .
Parc Relais (or P+R)
Car park created near a public transport station and designed to encourage motorists to use public transport. This name was chosen so that its initials coincide with those of the British concept of "Park and Ride" or "PR" of Northern Europe. See also Intermodality .
The high number of synonyms bears witness to the communication difficulties encountered by the public authorities: PSR (Regional Parking Lot), PIR (Regional Interest Park), drawdown park, liaison park, transit park, persuasion park , of deterrence...
Residential stock
Park primarily intended for long-term parking for residents. Opposes in particular Hourly Park .
Parfiche or parfiche
Prepaid paper card, to be affixed behind the windshield, authorizing parking in a regulated location for a period corresponding to the zones that the motorist has revealed by scratching. The period can be expressed in hours, days or months depending on local regulations.
(or Parking meter) Automatic device assigned to a paid parking space to allow the collection and control of payments. The parking meter counts down and displays the remaining authorized parking time after payment of the corresponding fee. See also Timestamp .
Synonyms - parking meter
On-board parking meter
(or individual parking meter, or portable parking meter) These small electronic devices were placed behind the windshield and, thanks to a prepayment, made it possible to pay parking fees. Examples: PIAF , DYNAPARK (Belgium) . They have been supplanted by mobile phone payments.
A person who travels daily between home and work. The movement of these people, in one direction in the morning and in the other in the evening, is reminiscent of that of a pendulum.
Synonyms - Commuters
Perpendicular (parking in ~)
(formerly battlefield parking) Organization of parking spaces perpendicular to the traffic lane. longitudinal and herringbone parking .
Company Travel Plan (PDE)
(if applicable: administrative travel plan - PDA; synonym: Mobility Plan) Set of measures taken within a company or a business unit, aimed at promoting alternative solutions to the use of the private car to come to work.
Urban Travel Plan (PDU)
Set of measures taken at the level of an agglomeration aimed at reducing atmospheric pollution by better organizing the movement of people and goods. The parking policy is an important lever. The PDUs were introduced by the Orientation Law for Interior Transport ( LOTI - 1982) and framed by the Law relating to Solidarity and Urban Renewal ( SRU - 2000).
charging point
Equipment for charging one and only one electric vehicle, even if it sometimes has several sockets of different sizes to be compatible with a greater number of vehicles.
Multimodal exchange hub (PEM)
(or intermodal) Interface and coordination site between different passenger transport offers. It usually includes a parking offer for individual mechanical modes (cars, motorized two-wheelers, bicycles).
Payment for parking after using the service.
Partial or total parking payment before using the service.
Procedural act drawn up by a public officer or any sworn person, relating findings of infringements, in particular to parking rules.
Electronic Minutes (PVe)
Report recording an infringement of parking rules, produced in digital form and processed by the Rennes National Processing Rennes . It results in a notice of violation being sent to the offender's home, specifying the amount of the fine due.
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