Glossary of parking and mobility


Certain definitions are taken from the methodological guide "Parking surveys" published by CEREMA (November 1997, republished in October 2000).
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Parking decentralization
Method of organizing parking in which the amount incurred by a motorist for improper use of this service is set by the local authority organizing the parking policy and not by the State. This mode of organization was introduced in the MAPTAM n° 2014-58 of January 27, 2014 on the modernization of territorial public action and the affirmation of metropolises (Art. 63). See also Decriminalization and  Post-parking package .
Public service delegation
According to Law No. 2001-1168 of December 11, 2001, it is a “contract by which a legal person governed by public law [the delegator] entrusts the management of a public service for which it is responsible to a delegate public or private [the delegatee], whose remuneration is substantially linked to the result of the operation of the service.
The delegatee may be responsible for building works or acquiring goods necessary for the service. » See also: Report of the delegate .
Decriminalization of parking
Legal regime of on-street parking by which the legislator has changed the status of the sanction for non-compliance with the rules of on-street parking from penal status (1st category offence ) to the status of local post-parking fee the law of 27 January 2014 on the modernization of territorial public action and the affirmation of metropolises - MAPTAM). See also Decentralization and  Post-parking package .

Space reserved for stopping , intended to allow the drop-off or pick-up of passengers (station, airport, school, etc.), sometimes authorized for very short-term parking (a few minutes). See also Short stop

Motorized two-wheelers
The designation " motorized two-wheeler " includes motorcycles, scooters and other mopeds, excluding pedelecs which are assimilated to cycles . PTWs can benefit from reserved parking spaces . Local regulations may or may not distinguish the reserved parking of motorized two-wheelers from that of cycles.

Dispersion of travelers leaving a station or public transport stop to reach their final destination. In the morning, some commuters end their journey with a bicycle which remains parked at the station at night and on weekends. See also Drawdown .

parking disc
Device for monitoring the duration of on-street parking, which specifies the time of arrival. Parking is free. The maximum duration allowed depends on local regulations. It is generally around 2 hours in the blue zone to favor the rotation of vehicles. The disc model in force, and mandatory in France since January 1, 2012, is valid in all countries of the European Union; it is therefore often called the "European record".
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