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Certain definitions are taken from the methodological guide "Parking surveys" published by CEREMA (November 1997, republished in October 2000).
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Common abbreviation for " powered two-wheeler "
Fixed-term contract (month, quarter, year), authorizing access to parking without booking a space.
For a reserved space, see: Location .
Category of users parking in a park of parking with controlled access, holders of a right of access with the guarantee of finding a non-reserved place. THE subscribers can be :
  • residents,
  • workers parked at their place of work,
  • assets in drawdown on a public transport station

For a reserved space, see: Tenant.
Contract by which a public body entrusts a private or public person (farmer) with the right to operate, at its own risk and peril, a work (execution of a public service) that it makes available to it, in return for a fee user fees paid by the farmer and deducted from farm receipts. See also: Concession .
Public road surveillance agent (ASVP)
Agent not belonging to the State control bodies, responsible in particular for noting offenses relating to the stopping and parking of vehicles. For this purpose, an ASVP must be approved by the Public Prosecutor and sworn.
Collecting agent
Agent permanently present in the field to collect on-street parking fees.
Note : Sareco completely redesigned this profession in 1998 during an experiment in DIJON supported by PREDIT . More details...
Delivery area
Area, usually located on the road, reserved for the delivery of goods. It may, in some municipalities, be open to rotating parking at certain times or to residential parking at night. Delivery areas can also be deployed in construction parks. See also ELU.
Parking area for motorhomes
It is then a car park, camping is not allowed there. Nevertheless, said car park is often equipped with terminals for the supply of water and electricity as well as a service area allowing in particular the emptying of waste water.
Pedestrian area
The pedestrian nature of these areas was reinforced in 2008. Parking is prohibited there, "with the exception of cycles on spaces provided for this purpose" (decree of December 16, 2010).
Transfer, against payment, the exclusive right to a concession until its expiry, and sometimes beyond, for a small part of the work (for example, a parking space). The beneficiary of a farm-out is called the lessee. The latter pays annually the share of the operating expenses corresponding to the leased site. The right of the lessee is transferable, subject to the contractual conditions.
FUB tests , U-shaped locks prove to be the most reliable for securing the parking of a bicycle . They allow both the frame and a wheel to be attached to a fixed point.
Fixed device for parking bicycles, allowing the stabilization and attachment of bicycles by the frame and one or two wheels. This type of furniture often comes in the form of a simple inverted U, inexpensive, efficient and safe.
“Temporary immobilization of a article R311-1 du Code de la route ; soit essentiellement les poids lourds (camions et autocars), les voitures et camionnettes (véhicules personnels et véhicules utilitaires) et les deux-roues (deux-roues motorisés et vélos).">vehicle on a road for the time necessary to allow people to board or alight, to load or unload the vehicle, the driver remaining at the controls of it or nearby to be able, if necessary , move it” (Highway Code, Art. R110-2).
Apart from these circumstances, it is about parking .
Minute stop
Space reserved for short periods of parking, generally for between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on local regulations. Note: The term "stop" should not be understood here in the legal sense but in the common sense, since parking is indeed authorized there (the driver can move away from his vehicle). See also Drop-off .
Official term for a motorhome .
Synonyms - Camping car
car sharing
Vehicle sharing system made available, by a private, public or associative operator, to individuals or groups of individuals who pay a right to use the vehicle with or without a subscription .
Note: The spelling " carsharing " without a hyphen was used by the legislative texts of 2012 which created the label. The spelling “car-sharing” has been found in laws since 2015.
Mobility Organizing Authority (AOM)
Public, municipal, departmental, inter-municipal or regional institution with the competence to organize travel and mobility policy in its area of ​​responsibility. It succeeds the Transport Organizing Authority (AOT), to include modes of travel other than public transport.
Emphyteutic lease
Contract for a period of between 18 and 99 years by which the lessor grants the lessee (leasehold), a real property right (leasehold), subject to mortgage and which cannot be extended by tacit agreement. In terms of parking, such a contract may in particular relate to car parks under construction.
The Exemple de complémentarité : les clients de commerces sont présents massivement le samedi, période où les employés de bureaux sont absents. Mais un parc peut être aussi exploité sur places numérotées réservées (essentiellement dans le cadre de locations). ">trivialization of spaces is a method of operation which consists in giving subscribed users a right of entry into a car park, without specifying the parking space they must use: everyone takes the unoccupied space agrees. The essential advantage of this mode of operation is to allow a greater number of users to be accommodated, with equal capacity, by playing on the non-coincidence of peaks in parking demand: the spaces left free at a given moment by some can be occupied by others (phenomenon of expansion and complementarity).
Example of complementarity : retail customers are present in large numbers on Saturdays, when office workers are absent. But a park can also be operated on numbered reserved spaces (mainly in the context of rentals).
Battle (parking in ~) Synonyms - Perpendicular (parking in ~)
Charging point
Wall-mounted or free-standing box, generally comprising one or two charging points, thus making it possible to recharge one or two electric vehicles.
Camping car

These travel vehicles whose layout allows a certain autonomy of residence cannot be subject to a specific parking limitation. Local parking regulations may, however, set vehicle size or weight limits. On the other hand, tourist towns are increasing the number of dedicated reception areas, equipped with certain amenities. See also: Motorhome

Subscription or rental card
Card issued to holders of a subscription or rental. It allows, if desired, to limit the access of its holder in time or space, for example:
  • to a certain part of the work,
  • between two dates,
  • at specified times,
  • for a designated vehicle.
Disabled parking card

This card is personal. Whether its holder is a driver or a passenger, it gives the right to use parking spaces reserved for disabled people and allows free parking in paid spaces on the road in several countries including France. It is sometimes called the European parking card.

It replaced the GIC and GIG , the last copies of which lost their validity on January 1, 2011 , and it has itself been gradually replaced by the CMI since mid-2017.

Inclusion mobility card (CMI)
The CMI with the mention "parking for disabled people" gives access to reserved spaces and free paid parking on the street. From 2017, it gradually replaces the Parking card for disabled people , except for people covered by the code for military disability pensions and war victims.
Mobility Center
Set of products and services made available to an individual's journeys in a single place or from a multimodal information system. The information delivered includes a priori that relating to the parking of individual vehicles (car, motorbike, bicycle).
Smart charging
Device for controlling electric charging stations to distribute the available power between connected vehicles. The power granted to each vehicle is therefore likely to vary with the number of vehicles whose battery is not full. The power delivered can also vary according to the production and consumption peaks experienced by the electricity network manager.
Paid Parking Litigation Commission (CCSP)
National court that came into service in 2018 to judge disputes over paid parking. She is based in Limoges. It receives disputes either against an FPS , after an administrative appeal ( RAPO ), or against an increased FPS. Its referral requires having previously paid the amount of the FPS or the increased FPS. Its decisions may be challenged before the Council of State.
Contract by which a public person (licensor) entrusts the financing and construction of a work to a private or public person (concessionaire), which is remunerated in whole or in part thanks to the right to exploit the work at its own risk and peril (execution of a public service) for a fixed period.
The work returns to the licensor at the end of the concession.
Locker or bike box
Cabinet sometimes screened allowing a cyclist to safely lock up his bike, often against payment.
Mode of sharing the same private parking space between several users. For example, the owner of a residential parking space who does not use it during the day can thus make it available, during this time, to someone who works nearby. See also: Trivialization .
Organized or unorganized system for making available seats available in a vehicle for a given journey with or without sharing travel-related costs. This system is provided for in Grenelle II on the environment and included in law no. 2014-58 of 27 January 2014 on the modernization of territorial public action and the affirmation of metropolises.
Niche (parking in ~) Synonyms - Longitudinal (parking ~)
"Vehicle having at least two wheels and propelled exclusively by the muscular energy of persons on this vehicle, in particular using pedals or cranks" (Highway Code, Art. R311-1, 6.10).
Note: In Belgium, a bicycle without a cyclist ceases to be a vehicle and becomes a simple object again; its temporary parking is then possible on the sidewalks provided it does not get in the way.
Pedal assisted cycle
" Cycle fitted with an electric auxiliary motor with a maximum continuous rated power of 0.25 kilowatts, the supply of which is gradually reduced and finally interrupted when the vehicle reaches a speed of 25 km/h, or sooner if the cyclist stop pedaling. » (Highway Code, Art. R311-1, 6.11) Commonly called "electrically assisted bicycle" or VAE.
Parking decentralization
Method of organizing paid on-street parking in which the amount incurred by a motorist for improper use of this service is set by the local authority organizing the parking policy and not by the State. This mode of organization was introduced in the MAPTAM n° 2014-58 of January 27, 2014 on the modernization of territorial public action and the affirmation of metropolises (Art. 63). See also Decriminalization and  Post-parking package .
Public service delegation
According to Law No. 2001-1168 of December 11, 2001, it is a “contract by which a legal person governed by public law [the delegator] entrusts the management of a public service for which it is responsible to a delegate public or private [the delegatee], whose remuneration is substantially linked to the result of the operation of the service.
The delegatee may be responsible for building works or acquiring goods necessary for the service. » See also: Report of the delegate .
Decriminalization of parking
Legal regime of on-street parking by which the legislator has changed the status of the sanction for non-compliance with the rules of on-street parking from penal status (1st category offence ) to the status of local post-parking fee the law of 27 January 2014 on the modernization of territorial public action and the affirmation of metropolises - MAPTAM). See also Decentralization and  Post-parking package .

Space reserved for stopping, intended to allow the drop-off or pick-up of passengers (station, airport, school, etc.), sometimes authorized for very short-term parking (a few minutes). See also Short stop

Motorized two-wheelers
The designation "motorized two-wheeler" includes motorcycles, scooters and other mopeds, excluding pedelecs which are assimilated to cycles . PTWs can benefit from reserved parking spaces . Local regulations may or may not distinguish the reserved parking of motorized two-wheelers from that of cycles.

Dispersion of travelers leaving a station or public transport stop to reach their final destination. In the morning, some commuters end their journey with a personal bicycle which remains parked at the station at night and on weekends. See also Drawdown .

parking disc
Device for monitoring the duration of on-street parking, which specifies the time of arrival. Parking is free. The maximum duration allowed depends on local regulations. It is generally around 2 hours in the blue zone to favor the rotation of vehicles. The disc model in force, and mandatory in France since January 1, 2012, is valid in all countries of the European Union; it is therefore often called the "European record".
This neologism usually applies to the field of individual electric mobility: car, scooter, bicycle, etc. It includes a priori the issue of electric charging when parking. Note: public transport (including trains, trams, buses and other trolleybuses) has been electrified for some long time.

Vehicle manifestly unroadworthy, and technically or economically irreparable. Note: Bikes missing only the saddle are not considered wreckage , with some riders removing the saddle to prevent theft.

Epi (parking in ~)
Organization for which the axis of the parking spaces and that of the circulation aisle are neither perpendicular nor parallel. perpendicular and longitudinal parking lots .
Urban Logistics Area (ELU)
Platform for receiving and redistributing goods, pooling flows and rationalizing resources, located in an urban environment inside or outside buildings, fixed or temporary. The local reorganization of exchanges and flows aims to optimize the circulation of goods in the city while reducing vehicle movements at the same time as environmental nuisances and service costs.

Device for parking bicycles not recommended by all cycling associations. This “wheel clamp” type furniture only holds the bike by part of a wheel at the risk of veiling it; it does not allow the bicycle to be held in place or attached to the frame. Stirrup bars do not have these disadvantages since they combine frame support with wheel locking. See also: Arceau

European (map ~)

View Disabled Parking Pass

Phenomenon according to which all the holders of a pass in a car park are not present simultaneously. The "proliferation coefficient" relating to a category of subscribers is equal to the ratio between the maximum value of the number of subscribers present simultaneously and the total number of subscribers. See also Trivialization .
Example: the expansion coefficient of the "office workers" category is frequently around 0.65.
Post-Parking Package (FPS)
Fixed fee to be paid for parking a vehicle on the street when the fee corresponding to the entire parking period consumed has not been, or insufficiently, paid from the start of parking (called immediate payment ) . The FPS replaces criminal fines for paid parking violations since January 1, 2018 ( decriminalization ). Its amount varies from one municipality to another, even from one district to another or from one category of user to another ( decentralization ).
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